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We offer Insulation services and Construction services in New York. Our goal is customer satisfaction at a very reasonable price. 

Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to spray foam insulation installers, you’d have to search far and wide to find a company with the level of expertise, professionalism and responsiveness Spray Foam Solutions has accumulated. We are experienced in installing spray foam in all types of buildings, including residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and steel frame.

Whether it is new construction, a renovation or a retrofit job, spray foam can be a great investment in your home. Spray foam is a powerful insulation material with a high R-value and air barrier properties that give it the unique ability to fill the gaps and holes that could be difficult to seal. No other insulation product on the market can match the performance of spray foam without utilizing additional products or materials. 

Where you can apply our Servcies?

At SHALA build, we provide professional installation of spray foam insulation for home and business owners in and around NY. Insulation is important for any property. With spray foam insulation, it is an environmentally safe solution that really does fill every nook and cranny — retaining the heat in your home and saving you money as you won’t be wasting any energy. 

Existing Building

New Building

Garages and other objects

What is Spray Foam?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a spray-applied plastic that can form a continuous insulation and air sealing barrier on walls, roofs, around corners, and on all contoured surfaces. It is made by mixing and reacting unique liquid components at the job site to create foam. The liquids react very quickly when mixed, expanding on contact to create foam that insulates, seals gaps, and can form moisture and vapor barriers. SPF insulation is known to resist heat transfer, and it offers a highly effective solution in reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

It is ideal to apply Spray Foam when a house is under initial construction. However, it is very possible to apply Spray Foam to an already-built home. The benefits of Spray Foam are unmatched in the industry. With Spray Foam insulation, you’ll avoid drafts and frozen pipes by increasing the air quality. This way, you automatically reduce allergens, increase soundproofing, and lessen the risk of pests and unwanted creatures in your home.

Spray Foam offers the highest value per square inch. While it may seem costly to you, keep in mind that the savings of better insulation translate to lower energy bills from the very beginning. In addition, NY State offers many programs that will assist you in funding the project.

Blow-In Insulation

Blow-in insulation is a type of insulation that is installed by blowing loose fibers or beads into a cavity, such as a wall or attic. This method of insulation is quick and easy to install, making it a popular choice among homeowners and contractors. The loose fibers are usually made of fiberglass or cellulose, both of which are effective insulators that can reduce energy bills and improve the comfort of your home.

Blow-in insulation is also versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces, including walls, attics, and crawl spaces. It can also be used to add insulation to existing homes without having to remove the old insulation, which saves time and money. Additionally, blow-in insulation is a good option for hard-to-reach spaces, such as those with obstructions or irregular shapes.


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BATT Insulation

Batt insulation, also known as blanket insulation, is made of fiberglass fibers that are bound together with a binder. It is available in pre-cut widths and lengths, making it easy to install in standard spaces between wall studs, floor joists, and ceiling rafters. It is an affordable option for those looking to insulate their homes.

Fiberglass insulation, on the other hand, is available in loose-fill. This type of insulation is made of fine fibers that are blown into walls, attics, and other areas. It is an ideal choice for retrofit projects, as it can be installed in hard-to-reach places. Fiberglass insulation also has a higher R-value per inch compared to batt insulation, making it a better choice for areas with extreme temperatures.

Save up to 50% on your energy costs!


The goal is to keep the A/C or heat inside, so that escaping air isn’t running up your energy bills! If you’re interested in an environmentally friendly way to better insulate your home or business in


SHALA Build will remove your old insulation

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, removing old insulation is a crucial step. At SHALA Build, we understand the importance of proper insulation and are dedicated to providing the best insulation removal services in the industry.

Our team of professional technicians has the experience and expertise to safely and efficiently remove your old insulation, no matter the type or location. Whether you need insulation removed from your walls, attic, or crawl space, we have the tools and equipment to get the job done right.


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Fire Rate Proofing Paint (For Spray Foam Insulation)

Fire Rate Proofing Paint is a type of intumescent paint that is specifically designed to protect spray foam insulation from the risk of fire. When applied properly, this paint can provide a layer of fire retardant protection to all exposed areas of the foam, helping to reduce the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

At our company, we use DC315 as our preferred brand of intumescent paint for spray foam insulation. With its proven effectiveness and reliable performance, we believe that DC315 is the best choice for ensuring the safety and durability of your spray foam insulation. So if you’re looking to protect your property and your investment from the dangers of fire, be sure to choose Fire Rate Proofing Paint with DC315 for your spray foam insulation.


If you are looking to upgrade your insulation or are in need of some new insulation in your property, contact us today using one of the buttons below! 

Construction Services

Are you looking for a top-notch remodel for your home? Or, are you interested in having your vision built to your liking?

Whether you’re looking to renovate or remodel a room in your home, you’ve come to the right place. SHALA build has established a solid track record of providing first class construction services throughout New York City. We’re ready to do the same for you.

If you’re thinking of remodeling or a new dream home, we want to hear from you. 

Our comprehensive construction services are everything your home or business needs! We work with:

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Residential – Commercial lawn sprinkler system installations, renovations, maintenance & more.

Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Shala Build provides a comprehensive range of irrigation services from the design stage to the installation, catering to all the watering needs of the garden, as well as after-care services.

Investing in a Shala Build lawn sprinkler & irrigation system means that you can be sure your garden is getting just the right amount of water at the right time, whether at home, at work, or even on holiday. So when you’re not around, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your garden is being cared for. When you are at home, you can spend less time watering and more time enjoying your thriving garden.

Services We Offer:

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

Sprinkler Inspections

New Sprinkler Installations

Smart Wifi Controllers

Drip Irrigation

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We offer a wide range of services such as spray foam insulation, construction and lawn sprinkle & irrigation system in New York.

SHALA build employs the most experienced, highly trained installers in the industry. The SHALA build team is at your service. 

At SHALA build we are driven in providing quality residential and commercial projects keeping the client and the environment as our main priority. Our company offers an array of insulation, construction, renovations and lawn irrigation services that go hand on hand with the quality of our professionalism. 

About Us

We are a specialized company in this sector and have a dedicated, professional, and experienced team in the field of insulation and construction.

We are committed to providing the best quality service, working with care and dedication on every project we undertake. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients, offering personalized and innovative solutions for each project.

At SHALA build, we are committed to working with accuracy and meeting work deadlines. We understand that time is precious and important for our clients, so we do everything in our power to ensure that the work is completed on time and with the best quality.

Our workers have many years of experience in the field of insulation and construction and are qualified to solve any challenges that may arise in this field. They work with precision and dedication to ensure the successful completion of the work.

At SHALA build, we have a clear goal – to offer high-quality services and build long-term successful relationships with our clients.